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Agenda for the
Annual General Meeting

Date:   Tuesday November 24, 2015
Place:  Scarborough Soccer Centre - Board Room
            45 Fairfax Crescent (Warden and St Clair)
Time:   7:30 pm


  1. Call to order
  2. Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting
  3. Chairperson’s address
  4. Directors’ reports tabled
  5. Financial and Auditor’s reports
  6. Awards and Recognition presentations
  7. Amendments to the Constitution & By-Laws (if any)
  8. Lifetime and/or Honorary membership awards (if any)
  9. Election of the new Board members
  10. Other business
  11. Adjournment

The business of the meeting will be conducted if a quorum (25 members) is present.  Any registered player attaining the age of 16 years before January 1, 2015 and any parent or guardian of a player under the age of 16 before January 1, 2015 in good standing is entitled to vote. Please attend and participate in the operation of the Club.  The Club is only as strong as its volunteers.

The following table outlines the Board positions to be elected for the 2014/2015 season:

Board Position
2014/2015 Incumbents
2015/2016 Nominations
President / Director of Administration Richard Husbands

        Richard Husbands
 Nominated for  –  2 Yrs.

Vice President/ OSA-SSA Liaison Holly Doll

Completing Term – 1 Yr.

Secretary / Director of Communication Ria Bahadursingh Completing Term – 1 Yr.
Treasurer / Auditor/ Director of Finance Emma Belen

Emma Belen
Nominated for  –  2 Yrs.

Director of Player Programmes (Outdoor) Marlene D'Silva

Beverly Way
Nominated for - 1 Yr.

Director of Player Programmes
Andrea Pattison

Completing Term - 1 Yr.

Director of Player Development (All Star/Select) Mark Tayag

Mark Tayag
Nominated for - 2 Yrs.

Director of Sponsorship / Special Events Helen Courtney Helen Courtney
Nominated for - 2 Yrs.
Director of Public Relations / Schools Liaison Julee Joseph

Completing Term - 1 Yr.

Administrative Appointments (2014-2015):

  • Recreational Outdoor Programme (Child)           - Irene Molto-Loughrey
  • Recreational Outdoor Programme (Youth)          - Beverly Way
  • Recreational Outdoor Programme (Senior)         - Holly Doll
  • Representative Programme (Competitive)           - Ria Bahadursingh
  • Harassment and Screening Officer                      - Andrea Pattison
  • Discipline Chair                                                  - Andrea Pattison
  • Registrar                                                            - Mark Tayag
  • Technical Advisor/Youth Development                - Dino Mastrogiannis
  • Head Referee and Chief Scheduler                     - Leslie Wong
  • Youth Referee Co-Ordinator                              - Mark Tayag
  • Field Day Activities                                            - John Allen
  • Hotline Administrator                                         - Sylvia White
  • Website Facilitator                                             - PrintZone