The Tom Galley Award
This award (circa 1985) is named in honour of one of the founders of Scarborough United Women's Soccer Club. Tom Galley (now deceased) had high ideals for the game of soccer in general and a vision for girl's and women's soccer in particular. The award is a sportsmanship award, presented annually to a player(s) selected from each of the full-field outdoor divisions in the House League recreational programme, who over the course of the season demonstrated the qualities of dedication and commitment to her team, along with fair play and sportsmanship among her teammates and to the opposing teams' players, while maintaining respect for her coaches and the game officials.

The Marsha and Tammy Ottey Award
This award (circa 1999) is named in honour and memory of two former representative competitive players, (teenage sisters), who were tragically killed in 1995. Marsha and Tammy Ottey were two brilliant and very talented players, who always displayed a genuine commitment and dedication to their respective teams and a total loyalty to the Club. Marsha was one of the original Club referees, who saw a need to give something back to the Club by officiating in the younger divisions. The award is presented annually to a player, from each of the Competitive teams in the outdoor season, who displays that same commitment and dedication to her team along with an unfailing devotion and loyalty to the Club. As a mark of respect and to the living memory of these two gifted players, their initials (M/T) will forever be worn on our Club’s shirts.

The House League Honour Roll
This award (circa 1993) is presented to volunteers, who over the years have made a significant and unselfish contribution to the House League recreational programme. The House League programme is the backbone of the Club and those who contribute to the overall success of the programme, do so continuously, out of loyalty, commitment, dedication and devotion to the Club, with little fanfare, no reward and limited substantive recognition.

Lifetime Members
Effective with the 2000 season, the Constitution was amended to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the Club, with their unfailing dedication and loyalty. Lifetime members shall have all the rights and voting privileges of full membership. Lifetime membership status has been awarded to:- Alan Southard, Jennifer St.Aubyn, Paul Huckins, Fred Linton, Karen Ritter.