Sponsors are a vital part of the Scarborough United 'team'. It is because of their generosity that the costs to our players are kept to a minimum and our programs remain accessible to all who wish to play. We sincerely appreciate their support and encourage all to patronize the sponsors of Scarborough United. By joining us as a sponsor you will have the opportunity to be a part of the World’s Game of soccer and support of the girls and women of Scarborough United Women’s Soccer Club. New sponsors are always welcomed and we will service your sponsorship with creativity and enthusiasm!

Play Partner Program
The ‘Play Partner Program’ ....the “triple P” initiative began in 2009, on the idea from theMcKenzie/Elbl family, who wanted to preserve the memory of Marcy McKenzie, by‘sponsoring’ a player, from a family who was experiencing financial hardships and wasunable to pay, either all or part of the outdoor registration fee. Their ‘donation’ started a trend, whereby other families have also made it an annual tradition, to become ‘play partners’ tohelp those players who really want to play, but have difficulty meeting the registration fee requirement. These generous and caring families are truly living the saying...”it takes a village to raise a child”.


We look forward to you joining our team!
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