President's Letter
Scarborough United Women's Soccer Club was established in 1982 as a not for profit organization dedicated to the development and enjoyment of soccer for women of all ages. The Club is administered by a Board of highly motivated and professional members according to its constitution. While the Club has maintained an amateur status with its players, it is seen as one of the more professionally run clubs.

The Club is dedicated to providing a positive environment with qualified coaches, facilities and equipment that will allow our program to continue to improve and grow with the players.Today the Club enjoys a membership of approximately 1000 players. The focus of our activity is in the part of Toronto formerly known as the City of Scarborough. Scarborough United is proud of the accomplishments of its members over the past 25 years. Through athletic competition, we strive to teach the highest degree of integrity, sportsmanship, fair play and mutual respect in preparation for good citizenship and leadership in society. We strive to have each player develop a positive attitude towards their teammates and coaches, the laws of the game, the officials who enforce these laws, and most important, toward herself as a valued member of a worthy team. Only positive constructive comments are encouraged between players, between players and coaches and between players and officials. Giving the proper respect to the laws of the game and the officials will pay dividends in the long run. If a team cannot win within the framework of the rules, then the victory is worthless.

The Club is funded and supported by the registration fees paid by its members and from donations it receives from its treasured sponsors. Run by volunteers, the Club welcomes participation from parents and friends to provide an excellent soccer program at a reasonable cost to its members.

S. Richard Husbands